Amnesty International needs Bernard Mboueyeu

Dear All,

Paul Dillane, Refugee Researcher - Refugee Programme, of Amnesty International UK is looking for Bernard Mboueyeu, a Cameroonian national featured in an online Guardian piece yesterday.

The Guardian article detailed the plight of Bernard, a Cameroonian national whom the UK Border Agency are trying to remove. Bernard fears persecution and jail on return to Cameroon and this is the second time the UKBA are attempting to remove him. Bernard married Sharon, a charity worker in 2010. Bernard is a step-dad to Sharon’s children and also a step-grandard. The UKBA appears not to dispute this, but have asked Bernard to return to Cameroon, risking persecution and jail, in order to apply for entry clearance to come back as Sharon’s spouse. Quite how they consider that reasonable is another question.

So, if anyone knowns Bernard ask him to contact Paul on 0207 033 1575.


Supporting the Poppy Project

On a blog post dated 12 October 2010 we provided details of an important support service for female survivors of trafficking called the Poppy Project.

Despite the importance of their work the UKBA is terminating the funding it provides for them. Instead it has awarded a contract to the Salvation Army, which means the Project’s funding is reduced by 90%.

They need to raise £1.8 million very year to keep providing high quality support and accommodation to women who have been trafficked for sexual or domestic exploitation, and their children.

You can help support them here.

Eaves Poppy Project

The Poppy Project is an Eaves service which provides support for female survivors of trafficking. Read More...

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