Challenging Operation Nexus (Update)

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The AIRE Centre are 80% of the way to meeting their initial target in respect of raising the money to cover the costs associated with their Court of Appeal challenge to “Operation Nexus”. Please continue to pledge donations, their aim is to meet the initial target and work the stretch target of £10000!

Here's more from the Director, Matthew Evans:

Donate and Share
We are hoping that a successful challenge will bring an end to Operation Nexus and its roll out across the UK. You can take action now by:

1. Pledging any amount you can on:
2. Sharing the page on your social media.
3. Forward this email to your friends and colleagues and ask them to make a donation and share the campaign.
What is Operation Nexus?

Operation Nexus is not just about removal, it is a central plank of the ‘hostile environment’ of detention, restrictions on the ability to work, and forcing people into destitution so they agree to voluntary removal. We have all seen the news over the past week and how damaging, outrageous and far reaching this hostile environment has been. It affects not just EU/foreign nationals but the broader community because McGowan J, who heard the case in the High Court, held that the police may lawfully ask any question they choose for whatever purpose they wish provided it would not be “[un]lawful … [for] a member of the public” to ask the questions. It also allows unverified intelligence information to be presented to decision making authorities such as the immigration tribunal, without disclosure to the subject of that intelligence information or their representative.

For more information please see:

We can't do this without you. We will update you of our next steps through the platform so please pledge and be part of our movement.

Thank you very much for your support.

Challenging Operation Nexus

UntitledThe AIRE Centre is looking for donations to fund a legal challenge against the Home Office policy called “Operation Nexus”. This policy has been used to target EEA nationals for removal from the UK in collaboration with the police. It is an extremely important challenge, thousands have been removed under this policy, which is arguably contrary to EU law, and many more may fall under its scope throughout the Brexit process.
Please consider donating to this cause, however small, every donation helps. You can donate here:

Here is some more information from the Director of the AIRE Centre, Matthew Evans:

What we are trying to do?
Our challenge argues that Nexus is contrary to EU and UK law. If we are successful, Operation Nexus would have to be drastically re-thought or withdrawn as a policy. Individuals removed because of Nexus would potentially be entitled to return to the UK and/or seek damages due to their unlawful removal
How can you help?
The AIRE Centre continues to act pro-bono in this case, with the assistance of Deighton Pierce Glynn and Counsel.
We have a protected costs order which limits our costs to a fixed figure. However, as a charity, we must raise money to meet that figure because we do not have sufficient resources of our own. Without financial help, we will simply not be able to carry on with this important legal challenge.
We need to raise £11,000 to make it possible. Initially we are looking to raise £6k to cover costs but eventually we need the full amount. If we don't raise the money in the next 29 days, we get nothing. That is how Crowd justice works.
We are therefore asking you to consider supporting this legal challenge through donating to the following link and/or to share this e-mail/link with friends, family or colleagues who may be interested in supporting the AIRE Centre to bring this important case to court.

BID's Reuniting Familes Campaign

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) needs you! They need to raise an initial £5,000 to help fund their ‘Separated Families’ project. With these funds BID will help reunite 20 families devastated by the separation of immigration detention. It is a very achievable goal, if every one of our supporters donates £2 each we’ll get their fund off to a great start. Their press release is set out below.


Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) needs you! They need to raise an initial £5,000 to help fund their ‘Separated Families’ project. With these funds BID will help reunite 20 families devastated by the separation of immigration detention. It is a very achievable goal, if every one of our supporters donates £2 each we’ll get their fund off to a great start. Their press release is set out below.

Reuniting Separated Families

Today (Monday 13
th June), Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) has launched a CrowdJustice campaign ( aimed at securing funding for their vital Separated Families project.

Each year, BID helps reunite around 100 families who have been torn apart by the horrors of immigration detention. Every year, the government detains over 30,000 people for immigration purposes, routinely separating mothers and fathers from their children. Losing a parent to detention – never knowing how long they will be gone for – is devastating for a child. That’s why BID has a special team dedicated to providing parents who have been detained away from their children with legal advice and representation to help them apply for bail and to challenge their deportation.

BID’s CrowdJustice appeal ( is seeking to raise an initial £5000 to help fund the Separated Families project over the next 12 months. £5000 would be enough for BID to help reunite 20 families devastated by immigration detention.

Commenting on the appeal, BID Director Celia Clarke said:

“I’m really excited to be launching this appeal on CrowdJustice. All the people we help at BID need legal advice and support. But when we hear about cases of mothers and fathers being locked up away from their children we know all too well how vital it is that quick action is taken to help put the pieces back together.

“Having a parent ripped from your life is really unimaginable for any child. Yet that is what we see the government do time and again with their immigration detention regime. BID’s Separated Families project aims to give parents in detention legal advice and representation to help them apply for bail and to challenge deportation orders.

“Last year, BID helped reunite 110 families. But we know there are hundreds, maybe thousands more families who have been torn apart by detention. Without our help, many of those parents will never have access to legal advice, will never be able to challenge their detention and find a way back to their families.

“We hope that this appeal will help fund our vital work for another year, and we hope that the public will give generously so that BID can carry on reuniting parents with their children. ”

Please visit for more information and to donate.

The Bike Project needs donations urgently

The Bike Project Project
The Bike Project takes second-hand bikes, fixes them up, and donates them to refugees. They are at a bit of a crisis point with bikes - they’re pretty much run out and drastically need some more donations. They take all adult and children’s bikes in any condition. If you have a bike hiding away in a garage, shed, back garden, please drop it off at any one of their bike hubs. Click here for more information.

This is an extremely good cause, just one of these abandoned bike can help save a refugee £20 per week on bus fares, that’s £1040 a year. So, you know, do it.

Imperial College Healthcare Charity

A call to arms!

The Imperial College Healthcare Charity raises and manages charitable funds for all hospitals within our area including Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Queen Charlottes & Chelsea, St Mary’s and Western Eye Hospital. The Charity is independent from the Trust, but works directly with it to support patient care. The funds raised enhance the quality of care people receive across the hospitals as well as enabling the charity to award grants for research projects and fellowships.

For further information click here to visit their website.

Leave to Remain - Film Academy Opportunity

LTR casting flyer

A message from Ellie Vainker of the Film Academy:


I am e-mailing regarding a Film Academy that will be taking place in September specifically for young asylum seekers and refugees. We are trying to make as many young people as possible aware of the project, so please pass this on to anyone who might be interested.

For the past three years the Leave to Remain team have been running a Film Academy which aims to give unaccompanied minors transferable skills that can be used to gain employment or further education. Drama professionals have mentored students in acting and film production, resulting in short films that are scripted, filmed and edited by our students. Past films, along with testimonials from our graduates, can be seen here: [1].

The Film Academy is part of a larger project set up by Bruce Goodison, a BAFTA-winning Director, who has been working for the past few years with child protection agencies including the Refugee Council and Detention Action. He has scripted a film that tells the story of three young people seeking their Leave to Remain. We will be shooting in the autumn and will be running the Academy again in September out of which we will train and cast the young people in the film. All participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to be involved in the film either as an actor or as an intern in a specific area of production.

I have attached a letter from my Producer which explains a little more about the project, as well as a flyer that can be given to anyone interested in being involved. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Many thanks for your help in this endeavour.
Kind regards,

Ellie Vainker [2]
07912 624 068 [3]

Slough Immigration Aid Unit

The SIAU is a charity that provides specialist immigration advice to individuals and families in the Slough area. It is regulated by the OISC. In the absence of solicitors with a legal aid contract, the SIAU is one of the only places in Slough where those who cannot normally afford legal representation can get it for free.

As SIAU is a charity it survives purely on donations and grants for the majority of its funding. Representatives of SIAU will be walking to raise money for the unit during the London Legal Support Trust walk on 16 May 2011. If you would like to support that walk click here.

The Bristol Bike Project

A charitable project in Bristol provides refugees bicycles for their own use... Read More...

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