UPDATE: Home Office Fresh Claim Policy Change

The Home Office backed down on its change to the policy for making further submissions as set out in our 15 January 2015 post which can be found here. The Home Office confirmed that persons who lodged their initial asylum claims after 05 March 2007 can continue to lodge further submissions at their regional reporting centre until further notice.

The change was forced by Liverpool City Council who are concerned about the impact of additional arrivals, estimated to be an additional 1000 per year, on council services. Click here to read the Liverpool Echo report for further details.

Home Office Fresh Claim Policy Change

From 26 January 2015 the Home Office are changing the process for making further submissions on asylum and human rights cases (i.e. new asylum claims by those who are appeal rights exhausted but who have not left the UK).

Currently, there are two processes for lodging further submissions. The first are for asylum claims lodged prior to 05 March 2007, where further submissions must be made in person in Liverpool. The second are for claims lodged on or after 05 March 2007, where further submissions can be submitted at a reporting centre local to the claimant or during a regular reporting event.

From 26 January 2015 the Home Office will require everyone wishing to submit further submission to do so in Liverpool. An appointment must requested by telephone and appointments should be scheduled within 10 days of the initial telephone contact.

As before, if a person has exceptional circumstances preventing them from travelling to Liverpool, such as a disability or severe illness, they may, with prior approval, be able to make the further submission by post.

The Home Office say the change is to provide a faster, more efficient service, which ensures a firm but fair immigration system.

Further Submissions (fresh asylum claim)

The UKBA office (further submissions unit) where you must serve your further submissions amounting to a fresh asylum application has moved to a new building in Liverpool.

The new building is located at:

The Capital Building
6 Union Street
L3 9AF

The phone number to book appointments to hand in further submissions will change to 0151 213 2411 and to cancel appointments already booked will change to 0151 213 2413.

For those that know, the further submissions unit was notoriously difficult to get on the phone. Let's hope these changes make the (not very practicable system) a little easier.

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