Tribunal fees to go up by 500%

The Law Gazette today confirmed that fees for immigration tribunal cases are set to jump by up to 500% as the government seeks to recoup the entire cost of proceedings.

Dominic Raab, Justice Minister, and a son of a Jewish Czech refugee, said it was no longer fair that the taxpayer be expected to fund three-quarters of the costs of immigration and asylum proceedings. The article can be found here.

This means:

- First-tier tribunal fees will rise from £80 to £490 for an application for a decision on the papers,
- from £140 to £800 for an application for an oral hearing,
- a new £455 fee for an application to the first-tier tribunal for permission to appeal to the upper tribunal,
- an application for permission to appeal, where permission had been refused by the first-tier tribunal, will cost £350, and
- where the Upper Tribunal grants permission a further £510 fee will be imposed

This means, an appellant who proceeds through to the Upper Tribunal, may have to pay a total of £2,115. An average family of four, each with an immigration decision which must each be appealed against, could pay £8,460.

So, Mr Justice Secretary, you’re all for access to justice - so long as you’re rich. I wonder what your dad thinks about all this.