Information Sessions on EU Citizens' Rights

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What we expect from you?

The EC Rep aims to support public events arranged by you and that have reached the widest audience possible. We expect any events that we support will have been well publicised and will be open for everyone who is interested to attend. Once scheduled the EC Rep will further publicise the event on the EC Rep Facebook page. On booking one of our advises would like you to provide details on your publicity campaign.
Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants required?

We would want to reach as many EU citizens as possible and so we will participate in events that have at least forty participants registered to attend. We understand that not everyone registered to attend will do so, but we will expect you to have at least forty participants registered before you book one of our lawyers. There is no upper limit on the number of EU citizens that can participate, we would welcome participation in large events.
Will you organise the location and schedule of the event?

Our service is aimed at participating in events arranged by you. We expect you to organise and book the location of the event and manage the logistics of holding the event. Our participation will be fully funded by us. Therefore will be responsible for our time, our expenses, and all other costs associated with our attendance at your scheduled event.
When and where can we visit?

We are able to participate in events anywhere in the UK. We will fit to your schedule and therefore can participate in a day or an evening event. To ensure that we are available and able to be there with you at your preferred time and date, we require at least fourteen calendar days notice prior to the scheduled event.
Is there a limit on the number of events you can attend?

Our aim is to ensure that this service is available throughout the Brexit process including the transition period. At this stage, this service is in a trail period therefore there is currently a limit on the number of events that we can participate until a full service is established. Therefore, our participation is on a first come, first serviced basis.

The costs of our participation is free.