Ali Abdallah Hommaida Abdelrahim

I write to express my deep pleasure, thanks and respect. Many people feel worried and anxious from the screening interview, then in the main interview and before getting the result. Honestly, during all these steps, I felt that I was in secure hands and I never felt regret when I chose Seraphus to be my lawyer.

I had been well oriented by Seraphus with my all legal rights from initial steps right to the end. They gave me full legal advice. They prepared me well for the main interview and they corrected any misunderstandings or mysterious points to Home Office following the interview. At the same time they keep showing the Home Office that I deserved a positive decision for my asylum application and that I really needed protection.

I take this opportunity to advise any asylum seeker to choose Seraphus to be his \ her lawyer and let them represent you in front of the Home Office. Then you can be sure that your claim might not reach the court, and if it happens you can be sure that Seraphus are ready for any condition.

My life was changed and I am a new person when I got leave to remain in the UK from the Home Office and even my little worries have subsided. Seraphus gave me a permanent favour that I will never ever forget.

So again, choose Seraphus and you will never regret. Thank you.

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