Nathan Dodkin and Shelley Lang

Seraphus worked with us for just over three years on two spouse visas. Both of these applications had their own complications and pressures, but Chris was always calm, generous with his time, and - moreover - reassuring. He knows immigration law backwards, and always informed us so clearly we felt like experts ourselves. We've dealt with Seraphus from overseas, and under extreme time pressure, and they should be praised for thorough and exacting work on such massive and complex piles of paperwork. 'Indefinite leave to remain' came from the Home Office right on time, and our settlement visa arrived 4 months early! We put this down to Chris leaving no room for doubt or error. Not only is he extremely friendly, he is also animal-friendly, and our Shih Tzu enjoyed every visit to the office. It's also right next to a Walkabout, so you can celebrate your victory with a stubby of VB (yes, we're Australian). We are over the moon with our life ahead in the UK and we owe this to the skill and service of our solicitors at Seraphus.

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