Abubaker Osman

My only hope in October 2009 was to sort out my extension, so I contacted Seraphus just to have legal advice on my case. I was welcomed with great hospitality and the legal advice was perfect. And even showed me how easy it would be tackled. So it brought a self-confidence for myself that I would be back to my studies very soon. By the end of November 2009 I had a refused reply back from the Tribunal where we took another step to appeal the decision. When I was in the court with the barrister the judge mentioned we built up a strong case and he would review the case thoroughly. Unfortunately, the answer was again refused. Seraphus then gave me the idea to apply for indefinite leave to remain since I had been in the UK since 1999, at that time I was disappointed with the Tribunal, however, I had no other options. I applied for the indefinite to see if that would now work. I took the battle to the Home Office, with the help of Seraphus. It was a long battle, but it was worth it. I have scarified a lot of things for that battle, the delay to my studies and the delay to my time…this was not a simple sacrifice. It also delayed my plan for the future and to have a family. However, with the help of God and the hard work of Seraphus, I successfully got my indefinite leave to remain. Thank you and I would be grateful, and I would definitely never forget this case.

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