Faiza Mohamed

I am really happy I contacted Seraphus to help me, they were very good and I would go to them if I need their help again.

Badran Gabir

I would like to thank you for your work towards my application. With your great help, my application was successful.

Throughout my experience with Seraphus, you have been very professional in providing me with all the in formations, advice, possibilities of outcome and an estimation of time scale.

I’m very impress with your punctuality; in term of your appointment time (I don’t have to wait a second for my appointments, not only that but also my file is always ready in front of you), your attentiveness, efficiency and your fast communication update the progress of my case.

I’m grateful to all your help.

Fang Zhang

Thank you Seraphus for winning my Tier 4 Appeal. I was very happy with everything you did to help me with my immigration case. Thanks!

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