Mathew Kurumthottical

‘Chris Desira from Seraphus has been amazing! He has helped guide me in every step of my application for naturalisation as a British citizen. His attention to detail and methods of handling problems as soon as they arose (because of a confusion with my name), kept the stress off my shoulders, while still keeping me well informed of the progress all the time. He knew the right people to contact and the right legal pathways to follow to get a response when at times the other party was not as keen to respond.

I would definitely recommend Chris (and the team at Seraphus) any day! Thanks Seraphus!


This service was really useful for me, as the application form can be quite unclear as to requirements. It was great to get an expert's advice, and Chris really knew his stuff. We are now feeling more relaxed and confident about our application. The service was very convenient and the price was fair.

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