Mohamed Sharif

I would like to thank this excellent office for the work you have done for me. I was very surprised to receive such a quick service and to get my status so quickly. You have worked efficiently and seriously on my case and I would like to thank you for your service.

Pong and Michael Taylor

My son has finally arrived here in the UK thanks to your excellent service. Your second to none service was a huge influence in my son's application and success following the appeal. Its obvious that immigration law is your speciality and its was proven in my case. Thanks once again.

Kita Odiete-Daura on behalf of Tony George-Mann

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Seraphus for their excellent service towards my younger brother's immigration matter. Seraphus has been so helpful right from the time they took on our case. They have been very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any issues relating to our case. They have made our experience with Seraphus great and something that I would highly recommend to others.

My brother was in the UK on a visitor's visa from Nigeria and because he is 17 years of age we decided to apply for his settlement in the UK, but all the immigration solicitors we took his matter to were advising us go back to Nigeria and apply for settlement over there and we were so scared that if we go back to Nigeria the application might be unsuccessful. But as God will do it, I came across Seraphus on the Internet and met with Chris. They made an application to the Home Office for my brother for Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK and within one year, my brother's application came out successful. He was giving permanent stay in the UK. I am very happy to express my thanks and appreciation for their level of dedication to our immigration matters. Their service was excellent!

Khalid Abdulgadir Mohamed

I would like to say thank you. I came to the UK in February 2011 for protection. In a very short space of time I was given refugee status. I want to say thank you again for all the hard work and help I received. Thank you.

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