Siripan Haworth

I’d like to say that you have done a great job. Everything has been conducted very smoothly and quickly and thank you very much for helping me.

Anas Al Jaghasi

I want to say that you really took care of my case and you advised me a lot. The service was very good, and I was treated well. The appointments were very accurate and the work was very organised. The process was very clear to me. I am very, very happy and will recommend everyone I know to Seraphus. I wish you all the very best.

Amira Omer Ibrahim Elhaj

You have been excellent and I have liked the work that I have received at Seraphus. The correspondence is punctual, detailed and helpful. I have enjoyed the service of Seraphus and I am thankful for their help.

Muaz Abdalla Mamour Dahya

I applied for asylum in 2012, and was granted the refugee status in April 2013 after appalling the home office decision, through the process of my claim Seraphus Law Firm was my legal representative, and they were friendly, and of great help, and provided me with all the legal support I needed to go through with my claim. I would highly recommend them to anyone with an immigration matter.

Mohammed Suliman Mohammed and family

Thank you for your services. The services were very good, very punctual. I visited the office many times and each time I came to the office I felt welcomed. I would like to thank Seraphus for all their hard work.

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