Abshir Abdilahi

I have been to different law firms but this law firm met my needs. The job done for me was great. What you have done for me I have not seen anyone else do that for me, or those I know. When I needed to know something you told me the truth and you never slept on my case. When we had a court hearing the way you have dealt with me and the witnesses, on our way back home we were talking about the quality and the level of service provided. One of the witnesses ask for your number because he was impressed with the service. I was happy with everything. Thank you very much.

Sharifa Naimo Adow Mohamed

I am very appreciative of Seraphus. Without Seraphus I could not be successful with my application for permanent residence. I thank you so much.

Marco Antonio Both Rodrigues

For me 100% excellent work. My issues took a long time to resolve and they were very patient with me, my life in this country wasn’t easy, it never was. But I got a lot of support from Seraphus, they helped me to be successful and look forward to the future.

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