‘I Thank you so much for reuniting me with my wife, I am very thankful and I will recommend you to many others. This is the best law firm around.


I am very happy with the service provided by Seraphus, it was professional, accurate, and made me feel like an individual rather than just a client. Thanks.


I truly appreciate you for your considerable job and continuous effort in my asylum case. I am really satisfied with the result.


You had a very excellent legal team with very good translators. The work was very precise and concerned all the issues of my case, not like my previous solicitor that ignored many things and lost my case. You have helped me a lot and I am very happy for that help. I am also very grateful for Ms Naderi help. If I have friends that require the same assistance I will refer them to Seraphus. In general I am very grateful for the help and services, and they have helped a lot to help me overcome the very painful circumstances I have had. I wish everyone at Seraphus the very best of luck.


Everything is good and I am happy with the outcome to my asylum application. I will return to Seraphus for my next application.


The help was very good, very efficient, and very professional. I got a successful outcome, thank you for all your help. I will recommend you to people I know.


You gave me a lot of help and assistance. You worked really hard for me for the last couple of years but that is the way life is sometimes. Sometimes we win cases and sometimes we lose cases. I had a feeling mine may not be successful. But you did everything you could to help me, so I couldn’t thank you enough for your effort.


Seraphus is a good office and they did their best to help me all through the application process. I recommend you to other asylum seekers and clients.

Abshir Abdilahi

I have been to different law firms but this law firm met my needs. The job done for me was great. What you have done for me I have not seen anyone else do that for me, or those I know. When I needed to know something you told me the truth and you never slept on my case. When we had a court hearing the way you have dealt with me and the witnesses, on our way back home we were talking about the quality and the level of service provided. One of the witnesses ask for your number because he was impressed with the service. I was happy with everything. Thank you very much.

Sharifa Naimo Adow Mohamed

I am very appreciative of Seraphus. Without Seraphus I could not be successful with my application for permanent residence. I thank you so much.

Marco Antonio Both Rodrigues

For me 100% excellent work. My issues took a long time to resolve and they were very patient with me, my life in this country wasn’t easy, it never was. But I got a lot of support from Seraphus, they helped me to be successful and look forward to the future.


One of my friends recommended me to Seraphus. I found Seraphus as my friend said I would. They were very helpful. It was very comfortable for me to speak to them. Even when then were busy they were always patient with me, even when I did not have an appointment. Anytime I asked them to contact the Home Office they did so. Though I was always worried for no reason, they were always there to speak to me during my times of worry. The advice was accurate and I trusted everything they said because they developed that trust with me over time. They have a nice office and always offering drinks, it is modern and professional, and I am free to talk there in confidence. It is the best solicitors I have experienced in the 5 years I have been here. I would recommend Seraphus to everyone and I would return to help with citizenship.


I am very luck to have found Seraphus. The legal advice was clear and easy to follow. I grew trust and confidence with them, and they were able to guide me through the asylum process without problems. It was because of Seraphus that I was able to get refugee status straight away. I would recommend Seraphus to everyone that needs immigration advice and I will be returning to them to help me with my application for permanent residence.


I was really happy and impressed with the advice from Seraphus. The letters were clear and self-explanatory. They provided me with clear guidance throughout the asylum process, and that guidance gave me inner confidence because I did not have it to start with. Their advice, especially for the interview, was very good. The advice that the interview should be audio-recorded was, in hindsight, very important. What was good about Seraphus was that they provided advice and left you to make your own decision, but they gave the advice in a way that made it important and I followed it. It was by following Seraphus that I got success. They also provided professional and experienced interpreters, which helped me through the asylum process.


The service in this law firm is excellent. As a client I was always re-assured by the people who helped me. I felt confident to say all my story in detail. The law firm’s work is organised and methodical. As an asylum seeker, since I came to this firm I felt protected and looked after. When I left my country I was in a bad position and persecuted, but once I got to this law firm I was treated like with respect and equality and that made me feel like a human being again. I managed to gain my residence in the UK and I have started a new life and it is with the help of this law firm.

Ahmad Ali Suliman Abdullah and Family

From the very first appointment to the last I was very happy with Seraphus.

Tarig Ismail

I would like to thank you much for your fully support to me until i get my residence permit as refugee in UK and am so appreciated your cooperation and your team in your great office.

Eltayeb Gamal Elshafei

What Chris did is more than helping me legally with the home office, I’ve been in the UK for 2 years now and started my life and settled very well. I'm about to start my Law degree now and thanks to Chris because simply the way he helped me was just an inspiration and a good example for a good man. Last time we met 2 years ago I told you that I’ll thank you and send it here but, I left it to the right time and its really big thank you for giving me all this help and self believe. I wish you all the best and looking forward to do a training at your office under you one day. Thank you Chris Happy

Mohamed Assi and Family

We are very happy about Seraphus and Chris Desira. He was very good about dealing with the case and he knew everything about Lebanon. The barrister also knew about Lebanon and he represented us very well at the hearing. Our case was very complicated and we are very pleased with the result because we were successful.

Luai Abdulwahab El Grue

The first time I saw you I got the impression you were not easy to deal with because you were talking seriously and you were tough. I thought about going back to another lawyer but I was convinced by others to stay. Now I am happy, I am very happy, and I understand why it was tough because we were successful. Us as Arabs we are not very patient and like to deal with everything quickly but I am learning to be patient. Now it is happening again with my friend who saying that you are difficult to deal with because you are serious and tough, but now I am telling my friend to stay with him because this is his way of helping us through the system. I am very grateful for the help.

Mustufa Khomusi and Family

Hope you are doing well along with your family, and it is not too cold already in London. Chicago weather is cold already. My brother Ibrahim, family and I very much appreciate all your hard work, wisdom and guide to bring this family immigration matter to conclude successfully. Being a permanent residence of UK they will able to live a better life. Thank you so much for all your help and support.

Mohammad Fariz Malas

I wish to express my appreciation and thanks for the support and assistance you provided to me to obtain the approval of the home office to my application for refugee in this country. I acknowledge and recognise your professional approach to the case and the high quality of service you and your office staff had provided. I will highly recommend you to my friends and wish you all the best. Thanks & Best Regards

Ibrahim Mana

I am very pleased with the service I have received. Everything was perfect. I would like to thank you and I appreciate your help

Muaz Abdalla Mamour Dahya

I applied for asylum in 2012, and was granted the refugee status in April 2013 after appalling the home office decision, through the process of my claim Seraphus Law Firm was my legal representative, and they were friendly, and of great help, and provided me with all the legal support I needed to go through with my claim. I would highly recommend them to anyone with an immigration matter.

Osman Omer

I was very happy with Seraphus. Every kind of support I needed I obtained from them. They kept me in regular contact and helped me with lots of other issues associated with my immigration problems. It was with their hard work that I was successful with my application. I will recommend others to go to Seraphus.

Abdolvahed Hemadi

Professionality and honesty was what I got at Seraphus, I would like to thank everyone there.

Mohammed Suliman Mohammed and family

Thank you for your services. The services were very good, very punctual. I visited the office many times and each time I came to the office I felt welcomed. I would like to thank Seraphus for all their hard work.

Aung Aung Naing & Nay Lin Htike

First of all I would like to say to you from my heart. Thank you very much. Now I am very safe and settled-down in UK. I am so grateful it is just what I wanted which is civil partner visa, so me and my partner we are both are very delighted, pleased and we really appreciated your hard work. I won't forget your gratitude. I've recommended to tell all of my friends and family. Chris was extremely patient and got my status quickly. Once again I am happy to say thank you very much indeed for everything.

Hosam Bakheet

We are very pleased with the service Seraphus has given us from the very beginning, and through to the end. I have recommended Seraphus to everyone I know, and will return to them when I need legal help again in the future.

Mohamed Awad

I am very happy, and Chris is one of the best lawyers in the UK. I have talked to many of my friends who have taken a long time to get their status. Chris was very patient with me and worked hard to get my status quickly. He is a very good listener, and precise getting the information from me. I was very pleased.

Obeid El Siddig Osman Alshoosh and family

I would like to thank this excellent office for the work you have done for me. I was very surprised to receive such a quick service and to get my status so quickly. You have worked efficiently and seriously on my case and I would like to thank you for your service…I want to say thank you again for all the hard work and help I received. Thank you.

Altayib Ahmed Mohamed

I want to thank you for doing an excellent job for me. From what I understand from my friends who have other solicitors you have a different way of working from them. They have solicitors who see them once before the interview and do not do statements. The statement you make is very, very useful. Since my arrival at Seraphus I have learned a lot, and learned how the asylum system works. I got the permission to stay in Britain because of your efforts, your hard work, and your excellence. I’ve recommended my friends to this office.

Sara Pirshayan

Chris Desira helped me with my case when he was at his last firm, and when I needed help again I was upset to find he was not there anymore. I went looking for him, and I am so happy to have found him at Seraphus. When I needed him again, he helped me. I am forever grateful to him.

Ali Abdallah Hommaida Abdelrahim

I write to express my deep pleasure, thanks and respect. Many people feel worried and anxious from the screening interview, then in the main interview and before getting the result. Honestly, during all these steps, I felt that I was in secure hands and I never felt regret when I chose Seraphus to be my lawyer.

I had been well oriented by Seraphus with my all legal rights from initial steps right to the end. They gave me full legal advice. They prepared me well for the main interview and they corrected any misunderstandings or mysterious points to Home Office following the interview. At the same time they keep showing the Home Office that I deserved a positive decision for my asylum application and that I really needed protection.

I take this opportunity to advise any asylum seeker to choose Seraphus to be his \ her lawyer and let them represent you in front of the Home Office. Then you can be sure that your claim might not reach the court, and if it happens you can be sure that Seraphus are ready for any condition.

My life was changed and I am a new person when I got leave to remain in the UK from the Home Office and even my little worries have subsided. Seraphus gave me a permanent favour that I will never ever forget.

So again, choose Seraphus and you will never regret. Thank you.

Omar Farhouda-Naim

I would like to thank Seraphus for all their hard work. I transferred my case to them and they have been working on it for over a year. Seraphus is very profession, always available, and always updating me on my case. It was because of their skills and experience that I was successful in my case. I would highly recommend Seraphus.

Osman Ahmed El Sheikh

Seraphus carried out the work with efficient professionalism. The reason I came to Seraphus was because I was recommended to do so based on their good reputation. Chris Desira’s reputation as a solicitor is quite known within the Sudanese community.

Myo Zin Tun

It was very great for me to work with Seraphus. Seraphus works very well and very hard. They are very flexible and always willing to see me.

Awartifle Ali Hamed Alsadik Alamin and Family

I want to thank Seraphus very much. Seraphus has done the best for me and secured the best future for my children. My husband would like to say, ‘I would like to say your office changed my life from a ‘deadman’ to someone who is thinking about his future, and his children’s future, and how to live happily. We couldn’t thank Seraphus enough.’

Faraj Maneshdavi

I am very happy. So happy that the Refugee Council now wants want to refer other clients to Seraphus. I would like to thank Seraphus for all the help they gave me.

Yahya Abdalla Yahya

I'm very happy with the work and they have been a great help. Thank you so so much.

Aisha Mohamed

Thank you very much and I am very happy with your services, I hope we will meet again in the future.

Christopher Madende & Family

I would like to say thank you very much for helping me, and my late sister, with my two nephew’s and my niece’s application. I don’t know what we would have done without your help. You just don’t know the difference you have made in our lives. Keep up the good work.

Christopher Madende and family

I would like to say thank you very much for helping me, and my late sister, with my two nephew’s and my niece’s application. I don’t know what we would have done without your help. You just don’t know the difference you have made in our lives. Keep up the good work.

Amina Adam and Umda Karama

Thank you so much for your help. I won my immigration appeal and my wife is coming to join me after 8 years of separation. Thank you so much.

Azza Taha

Your services are fast. They are always able to be reached on the telephone and always make themselves available. I instructed them again immediately to help with my next application. I couldn’t thank them enough.

Mohammed Karameldein

Thank you. The best lawyers and I will tell everyone about them.

Fatemeh Mohammaddiani

Expert and helpful advice with very pleasant staff.

Elaha Kasaiefar and Zahra Mohammadi

I would like to thank Seraphus all for the hard work and dedication they gave to our case. I am really happy that I have contacted Seraphus to help me. They calmed me down and took all my pressure by advising me over the phone and arrange a convenient appointment. I would definitely recommend Seraphus to everyone I know as they are an expert in their field of speciality, they are friendly and very professional. I really appreciate what they have done for us and once again would really like to thank them. Wishing them all the best in future.

Aasim Abdalla

I am writing this letter to thank you for being my lawyer during the time of case. I appreciate your support. I did not hear bad news from Home Office because I found good kind of hospitality and respect and good literature and to listen. I meet a girl from Uganda during my case and I gave to her your phone number. She told me my lawyer listened to me and advised me without know who I was, she said to me I was lucky. I would like to thank you again for help with feeling of gratitude.

Pong and Michael Taylor

My son has finally arrived here in the UK thanks to your excellent service. Your second to none service was a huge influence in my son's application and success following the appeal. Its obvious that immigration law is your speciality and its was proven in my case. Thanks once again.

Kita Odiete-Daura on behalf of Tony George-Mann

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Seraphus for their excellent service towards my younger brother's immigration matter. Seraphus has been so helpful right from the time they took on our case. They have been very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any issues relating to our case. They have made our experience with Seraphus great and something that I would highly recommend to others.

My brother was in the UK on a visitor's visa from Nigeria and because he is 17 years of age we decided to apply for his settlement in the UK, but all the immigration solicitors we took his matter to were advising us go back to Nigeria and apply for settlement over there and we were so scared that if we go back to Nigeria the application might be unsuccessful. But as God will do it, I came across Seraphus on the Internet and met with Chris. They made an application to the Home Office for my brother for Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK and within one year, my brother's application came out successful. He was giving permanent stay in the UK. I am very happy to express my thanks and appreciation for their level of dedication to our immigration matters. Their service was excellent!

Abubaker Osman

My only hope in October 2009 was to sort out my extension, so I contacted Seraphus just to have legal advice on my case. I was welcomed with great hospitality and the legal advice was perfect. And even showed me how easy it would be tackled. So it brought a self-confidence for myself that I would be back to my studies very soon. By the end of November 2009 I had a refused reply back from the Tribunal where we took another step to appeal the decision. When I was in the court with the barrister the judge mentioned we built up a strong case and he would review the case thoroughly. Unfortunately, the answer was again refused. Seraphus then gave me the idea to apply for indefinite leave to remain since I had been in the UK since 1999, at that time I was disappointed with the Tribunal, however, I had no other options. I applied for the indefinite to see if that would now work. I took the battle to the Home Office, with the help of Seraphus. It was a long battle, but it was worth it. I have scarified a lot of things for that battle, the delay to my studies and the delay to my time…this was not a simple sacrifice. It also delayed my plan for the future and to have a family. However, with the help of God and the hard work of Seraphus, I successfully got my indefinite leave to remain. Thank you and I would be grateful, and I would definitely never forget this case.

Walid Abdalrazaq

The best solicitors helped me out of detention and I got ILR.

Brenda Makoni & Family

I was very pleased with the communication and the work done. I will always come back if I have any problems with immigration. Very friendly service. I will return back to them at the end of this residence permit.

Khalid Abdulgadir Mohamed

I would like to say thank you. I came to the UK in February 2011 for protection. In a very short space of time I was given refugee status. I want to say thank you again for all the hard work and help I received. Thank you.

Thanida Samolee

The appeal was prepared well, I was told what to do, and was updated at every step of the way. I was advised and kept informed at every step. They helped me with a successful appeal.

Ronald Marlow and Krishna Das

I would like to thank you all for the hard work and dedication you gave to our case. Without your help and advice we never would have won through. We always felt that our needs and feelings were put first and that you were doing your utmost for us in a very difficult and trying time. This is demonstrated by the fact that at last, after 23 years, my son is finally allowed to come home to live!

Samrat Sengupta

I take this opportunity to thank you for your help and advice in successfully completing our application and assisting us through the process. I would recommend your services to other applicants. Wishing you all the best in future.

Elshafie Elgorashi

I am very happy with the work done. I applied for asylum and I have only been here for 5 months before I received refugee status. Things have moved quickly and easily because of Seraphus. Seraphus have been professional and very friendly. Very cooperative and very helpful. Whenever I phone I am in touch easily and always able to speak to my lawyer. Whenever I want an appointment, I always get one. I would recommend Seraphus to anyone that needs help with an asylum application.

Fatima Nourein & Family

I appreciated everything Seraphus have done for my family reunion application, and I am looking forward to my future with my family. Any kind of immigration advice I need in the future I will go back to them.

Mai El-turk

I am very happy with the advice and representation that I received at Seraphus. They dealt with my nationality application with great care and attention.

I would recommend that anyone with an immigration problem contacts them first. I highly recommend them.

Tariq Gomma

I think that, and without any doubt, Seraphus is the best company I come across dealing with immigration matters. The flexibility they have, the reliability and advice they give and the attention and efforts that they give to the client and the case. Therefore I personally urge and recommend anybody who seeks advice or assistant should go straight to Seraphus because they are the best.

Fang Zhang

Thank you Seraphus for winning my Tier 4 Appeal. I was very happy with everything you did to help me with my immigration case. Thanks!

Faiza Mohamed

I am really happy I contacted Seraphus to help me, they were very good and I would go to them if I need their help again.

Badran Gabir

I would like to thank you for your work towards my application. With your great help, my application was successful.

Throughout my experience with Seraphus, you have been very professional in providing me with all the in formations, advice, possibilities of outcome and an estimation of time scale.

I’m very impress with your punctuality; in term of your appointment time (I don’t have to wait a second for my appointments, not only that but also my file is always ready in front of you), your attentiveness, efficiency and your fast communication update the progress of my case.

I’m grateful to all your help.

Amin Ahmed

I’m really inspired by the service at Seraphus. The communication is the most important thing in my case and I was constantly updated. The work was done very well and I’m so glad I chose Seraphus. Thank you very much.

Hassan Abdalwahab & Family

My case was previously with three immigration firms and I was only happy when my case was managed by the lawyer who cofounded Seraphus, so I transferred my file to Seraphus as soon possible.

I trust the lawyers at Seraphus, I am comfortable with them and, most importantly, I knew that I never needed to worry or chase them. I was kept up to date and looked after.

After many years, and with the help of those at Seraphus, I received indefinite leave to remain for myself and my family today. I hold them in very high regard. I have and will continue to recommend Seraphus to anyone who needs immigration advice.

Adam Andoussa & Mariam Ateem

After fighting nearly 2 years to be reunited together we moved our case to Seraphus in December 2009. Today we received the visa from the British Embassy in Khartoum. We couldn’t be any happier. We couldn’t thank them enough for the work they done and would recommended them highly.

Fahmi Ibrahim

I am very happy with the service, my problem was solved in a very short time and I would recommend Seraphus to everyone I know.

Aamir Abbaker

I am very happy. Within a month of transferring to Seraphus I lodged my application and received my refugee status. I will return back to them anytime I need help and would recommend them highly.

Than Htoo

I have finally received the Certificate of Identity from the Home Office. It seemed impossible to obtain this document without contacting my country's authorities whom I fear but through your expert knowledge in immigration law, I was able to get this document without any problems. I really appreciate what you have done for me and would really like to thank you!

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