You had a very excellent legal team with very good translators. The work was very precise and concerned all the issues of my case, not like my previous solicitor that ignored many things and lost my case. You have helped me a lot and I am very happy for that help. I am also very grateful for Ms Naderi help. If I have friends that require the same assistance I will refer them to Seraphus. In general I am very grateful for the help and services, and they have helped a lot to help me overcome the very painful circumstances I have had. I wish everyone at Seraphus the very best of luck.


You gave me a lot of help and assistance. You worked really hard for me for the last couple of years but that is the way life is sometimes. Sometimes we win cases and sometimes we lose cases. I had a feeling mine may not be successful. But you did everything you could to help me, so I couldn’t thank you enough for your effort.


Firstly, I wanted to say that I was very happy about my experience in the office. I always felt welcome and well respected. I also was very delighted with the way my caseworker handled my case, she felt more like a sister to me, in respecting me and making me feel comfortable to talk about my case. I wish to thank Seraphus so much for all their help in making my case successful.

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