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We believe in clear, accessible, legal advice, anywhere and anytime. Our range of online legal services are available at fixed prices covering all UK immigration cases. You can get the advice and support you need whenever and wherever you are.

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Need help managing your immigration journey?

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EU Settlement Scheme

For EU citizens and their family members in the UK after Brexit

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Visiting the UK

How to make an application for a short term visa

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Studying and Working in the UK

All points-based system applications, for students, sponsors and workers

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Family applications

All family applications

Fundamental Rights

Asylum and Human Rights

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Becoming British

Naturalising or registering as a British citizen

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Seraphus is amazing. They took on board my concerns, complicated somewhat by transitioning gender since moving to the UK, put my mind at ease, talked me through what was required, and was available when needed. Seraphus has a strong focus on human rights, supporting the most vulnerable migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, on complex cases and pro-bono work. It was important to me that the firm was aligned with my own ethics on immigration and borders. The fixed price gave me peace of mind that I can pay once and know everything is covered. Many thanks to Seraphus


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